Ran frm TBS

A little story about the founder..

Ran Loh is a kid artist that likes comical drawings and started his interest with computer stuff as his primary hobby during 1990, when he got his first 486 mhz CPU speed computer with 8mb of ram and 20mb harddisk space running PC-DOS and Windows 3.1. Liked doing a lots of DIY hands-on and fond of computer's games like the old classic games, "The Cars & Drivers", "Minesweepers", "Duke Nukem", "Doom", "Quake" and so on. Besides, the BBS so-called Bulletin Board System also one of the big hits "digital surfing" using dail-up modem before the Internet revolutionary was introduced in Singapore.

How its was started..

When the Internet was available, the SingNet launches their dial-up account with a free personal webspace. The first website: "www.singnet.com.sg/~randyloh" was created using a Windows notepad to write HTML coding. Then after the news blog also called web log was introduced here, whereas the first blogspot was created.. "ranblow.blogspot.com" (Ran Below dot Blogspot dot com, also pronounce RAINBOW). During the time, the virtual hosting also called shared web hosting service is not so popular here, therefore only overseas hosting provider is available. The subscription fee is not cheap and loading of web pages also tardiness.

The passion never dies..

After the national service in 1993, he took the first IT job doing system operations in a japanese bank. During that time, he finished the NCC International Diploma in Computer Studies, and continue to pursue his Advanced Diploma in Computing and Bachelor Degree adjacently while working in Singapore Computer Systems during 2000 to 2004. Throughout the career journey, he has had been solving various of IT issues and involved several projects that contribute values and develop personal growth. Also, gathering with classmates and friends in tweaking computer hardware, system overclocking and designing our websites. And always find time to explore new things and technologies that available in the market.

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